Will a Laptop be Powerful Enough for Business Use?

October 11, 2013

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There was a time when laptops were considered unsuitable for business use. Most business related work was done on either mainframes or Desktop PCs. This was the era of low powered laptops with various problems like low RAM, fast heating, low resolution monitors, difficult to upgrade etc.

On the other hand, desktops were faster with high RAM, cooling facility and easy upgrades. They could be upgraded according to your wishes and whenever the specs were not acceptable, they could be updated to run even faster applications.

This was difficult to do on laptops which were not business laptopseasily disassembled to be fitted with newer parts. There was a lot against buying a laptop for running your business.

But as times have progressed, laptops have become beasts on their own right. They are now lighter, much faster and extremely versatile. Today, laptops are as fast as desktops and there is little to distinguish between them.

Most software and applications easily run on both the platforms. But laptops also provide the obvious added benefit of portability that desktops can’t provide.

Business users love to have access to their work all the time. Often, this is absolutely crucial for their business as not having crucial documents can affect their productivity. Laptops now provide the luxury of having a business environment of a desktop as well as the flexibility of a laptop.

One of the biggest advantages that desktops had in previous generations was price. Desktops were much cheaper than laptops, and this was especially true for high-powered laptops that were suitable for business purposes.

But with newer laptops, price has ceased to be a factor as laptops are not only high-powered but also competitive in terms of cost. These business laptops are as suitable for business work as desktops and can perform equally well. You can now carry your work everywhere withoutlaptop_powerful adhering to any particular workplace.

Laptops have also become very durable in the past few years. They last longer with great efficiency and hence are perfectly suitable for high performance business work.

Presentations are an important part of business life and laptops are best suited for it as you can make presentations on the fly, plus your laptop to a projector and give the presentation.

With desktops, you have to take the added trouble of transferring your files. Laptops usually ship with built in Wi-Fi which helps you to connect with the wireless network and work from anywhere. Moreover, they also weigh less and less everyday which increases their portability and your comfort level.

If you think a laptop may not be suitable for all of your business needs, you really need to check out some of the modern models available right now. You can have power and versatility to match most desktop configurations – along with all of the obvious advantages of the laptop. Something to think about.

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