Using Word and Excel to Organize Your Life

February 4, 2014


Everyone is looking for ways to make life easier. “Life hacking” is a new term techies use to refer to things one can do to make life’s more mundane tasks more efficient and even enjoyable.

Microsoft Office products aren’t just for writing term papers or inputting data for work. There are practical, household applications for these programs that could improve your life. From meal planning to budgeting, you will have your house in order in no time.

Meal Planning

A way to save money on a daily basis is to do weekly or monthly meal planning. Cooking at home can save youms word tips hundreds a year and help you maintain dietary restrictions. You can use Word to brainstorm meals, and then use Excel to organize your ideas. You can insert links to recipe website, list ingredients, add dates for when you want to cook, and a budget you’d like to maintain. Then, take the list with you to the grocery store, and use it to shop. Excel allows you to be as detailed as you want to be, hide cells, and calculate calories or money.

Creating a Monthly Budget

Track your spending with Excel. Create monthly spreadsheets with your bills, food budget, and other expenses. It allows you to set goals for yourself and see where you may be losing money. Excel’s tools allow you to set calculations. All you need to do is insert your expenses, and the program does the math for you.

ms excel tipsType Up Your Daily Tasks

Use Word as your digital note pad. Keep it minimized all day so you can write notes, make lists, and organize your day without wasting paper. If you are working in front of your computer, it’s convenient. You can even save daily tasks for your files.

Keep Track of Gifts

This may seem unnecessary, but if you have family, friends, or charities you give gifts to, it can be helpful. You can look at last year’s list to see what your nephew likes or track charitable gifts for tax purposes. It’s not only useful for gifts you give but gifts you receive. You can use Excel to write down the gift, the occasion, who sent the gift, and the gift-givers address so that you can send a thank-you card. Making a spreadsheet for gifts is extremely helpful for big events like weddings and baby showers when there are many gifts to track.

The possibilities and uses for Microsoft Word and Excel are endless. These are just a few ways you can use these programs for daily organization.

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