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February 4, 2014


Staying up to speed on all things technology is difficult. Daily changes, innovations, and studies make it the most dynamic field of study. Some websites exist just to spread tech news and gossip, but sifting through legitimate sites for something that suits your curiosity can take time. Here we break-down some popular tech sites.


Wired is a great place to find tech articles that concern your particular interests. They divide their articles by different subheadings such as “gear,” “design,” “security,” and “business.” They all have to do with how technology pertains to these areas. Some of it is more news-driven while other articles feature interesting factoids national news may not cover.


ArsTechnica is less mainstream than Wired. This website covers diverse topics on the fringe culture of the tech world. From gaming to hacktivism, it has a bit of something for everyone. The blog-style layout is perfect for daily browsing. Bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed for updates. If discussing technology is of more interest to you, ArsTechnica has many forums on different tech topics.


CNET is the place for new tech gadgets and gear. Reviews and previews for the latest cell phones, PCs, software, and games are all available for reading. There are also how-to guides for everything from home appliances to iPods. If you are looking to shop for any tech devices, CNET has a deals and coupon guides for current sales.

BBC Tech Blog

The BBC may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about technology, but their tech blog does update daily with international news. It’s less review-centric and focuses on news and breakthroughs. BBC is great for people who want to keep up with trends and news but are not focused on anything too specific.


TechCrunch has an interesting format that incorporates more visual media. Videos dominate this website through their TCTV. Their videos offer reviews, insights, and interviews to viewers looking for new technology. Some of their “channels” are focused on areas of the world such as Europe and Asia, taking this blog to a global level whereas similar sites focus on technology in the United States.

Whatever your tech information needs, these sites have it. Each offers something a little different in terms of format and topics. Pros and novices alike have a lot to gain from technology blogs, and in an ever-changing industry like technology, there is daily news to read.

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