How to Increase the Life of your Laptop Battery

September 16, 2013

Laptop Batteries

Everyone uses laptops these days. We use them every day for work, pleasure, to make money or to even spend money. People refer to their laptops as their whole lives, because all our memories, documents and media are stored on your portable computers.

What happens when your laptop gets broken? It feels like a part of your live is gone too, doesn’t it? The whole idea of a laptop is that it can be carried around without any electricity for a while. What’s the point if your laptop’s battery keeps draining?

There’s no goal for the laptop then, is there? Then it’s not called a laptop anymore, is it? To save you some extra money, just follow these simple steps!

  • Firstly, close all your background tasks, as they all work at the same time and that will drastically decrease your battery life. Only use the most important tasks at a time.
  • If your laptop has a wireless card, you will need to switch it of if youincrease battery lifespan are not using it.
  • If you do not plan to use your volume on your laptop, you can mute it and switch it back on whenever you need it.
  • Another great way to save your laptop’s battery life, you can adjust the brightness of your screen.
  • Please make sure that your laptop is always the right temperature and cooled off whenever it gets hot. Extreme temperatures on your laptop will decrease your laptop’s battery life.
  • Always try to enable your computer’s power saving mode, both Windows and Mac have those options. When you are not using your laptop, rather switch it off or put it on hibernate, rather than switching it over to stand by.
  • Make sure you don’t charge your laptop too much or too less. Keep track of your laptop’s charging period, as you need to make sure your laptop charges the right amount that it should.
  • Make sure your laptop is always on the right surface. Places like pillows, blankets, couches will be the cause of the laptop heating up. Make sure your surroundings are open and clean around your laptop. Dust is dangerous to any computer. You can always decrease laptop batteriesthe time before your screen dims out.

There you have it! Use these simple steps to save your laptop’s battery life. It is not hard to follow, you just need to be aware of your computer’s battery and then you are good to go and enjoy your fun and long-lasting battery life!

Besides your photos and work that are stored on your laptop, the battery is the most important element in your computer.

This article is to help you to increase your laptop’s battery life, so that your laptop doesn’t need to be charged the whole time.

By doing only a few simple steps that is as easy as pie, you can get the longest possible battery life on your laptop. We don’t want you to waste your money in replacing the battery of your laptop now, do we?

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