How to Find the Best Deal for Your Laptop Battery

October 11, 2013

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Whether you are a regular desktop user or not, if you own a laptop you will immediately know just how powerful it can be. Having the opportunity to work and browse on the go is something that really sets the laptop apart. With the improved power of modern laptops more people are using them for business as well as casual use. With all this increased power and use comes more strain on the laptop battery. Finding a great deal on a replacement battery for your laptop is more important than ever.

Making sure that your laptop is working at full capacity is very important for performance. If you notice your laptop starting to fall a bit performance wise and you also notice that the battery does not last as long anymore without a charge, then you may need to purchase a new laptop battery.

Laptop batteries die over time, especially if they are left on constantly – most of us are guilty here! They are relatively inexpensive to cheap_laptop_batterypurchase, depending on your brand, and the good news is that you can fit the battery yourself. With most laptops you just need to pop the battery off and replace it – at most you might need to loosen a few screws! So, with it being so easy to do, where is the best places to look for a laptop battery?

NOT the Official Site

The official website is usually the worst place you can look, unfortunately. They usually sell the battery for far more than it is actually worth, and usually try and force you into sending the laptop away for repairs instead. Check an independent seller instead, you can find these guys all over the internet – just search for “BATTERY TYPE independent seller” and you will find somebody!


Google Shopping is a great place to start looking. It can help you aggregate the cost of the battery to an average, as it will correlate offers from all over the internet. Additionally, checking the forums for your laptop or some generic laptop forums could be a good way to find out the average price for your laptop battery.

Amazon sell just about anything you can think of, so if you are looking for a laptop battery they will most likely sell the one you need. However, you can sometimes pay a tiny bit more on Amazon so it is best to check around to see if there is a better deal. There was a time when Amazon couldn’t be beaten on price but for certain things that is no longer the case. Of course, you get the best service from Amazon in terms of delivery and safety with purchase, so it could be worth it.


eBay is FULL of things like laptop batteries. It is effectively the car boot sale of the internet, so make the most of it and see if you can pick up the battery for a good price. You can usually get some very good cost-effective solutions through eBay, but be sure to check out the seller you are choosing from first – dodgy suppliers are unfortunately quite common, especially with electrics. It is a good idea to check that you are buying a brand new laptop battery – not second hand or refurbished.

The takeaway is to do some research and definitely shop around. Thanks to the rise of online shopping finding the best prices on your laptop battery has never been easier – and you can search without leaving your home.

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