Get Fit With Unusual Applications of Modern Technology

May 26, 2016


You would be very surprised if you were to find out all the places where computers and technology have found their application. Just start from with your cell phone. Five or six years ago cell phones were capable of sending and receiving texts, calls, maybe a picture or an email.

Now, they are like more like entertainment centers you carry around in your pocket – mini computers in fact. Music, high-definition video, apps, internet, the works. It is all right there at your fingertips. TVs have caught up a long time ago, as well.

But, that was sort of expected. What was less expected is that our washing machines, fridges, dryers, and just about any household appliance would become crammed with technology and connected to the internet. Once we get over the whole overkill effect, some applications make a lot of sense, and make our elliptical machine dashboardlives a whole lot easier.

However, some applications of modern technology still require you to do most of the work yourself. Then you might ask: What’s the point?

Well, the point is that it makes the entire work process much more efficient and in most cases, even cuts it down significantly. For instance those among you who are looking to lose weight, get in shape, or simply those who are workout enthusiasts, know there are no shortcuts when it comes to putting in hard work and many hours in the gym. But, is that completely true?

Technology and Home Exercise

Technology is having a huge impact in the home exercise market. Lots of our favorite exercise machines have been embracing new technology and are now more advanced than ever. From exercise bikes and treadmills to rowing machines and the latest big thing – elliptical machines.  Perhaps you are not familiar with elliptical trainers, in which case, you should check out this website – it will show you some of the best ellipticals on the market and it has a few videos to show you what these machines can do.

Now, they are not some kind of magical, hi-tech devices that will turn you into the incredible Hulk just by clicking a few buttons. But, what these elliptical trainers do have is a central console unit, a computerized hub. The unit records and gathers all of the workout data and displays it for you on an LCD panel. Parameters such as duration of the workout, number of steps/repetitions, calories burned, and distance traveled.

They also have heart rate monitors integrated into the handlebars of the machine, which measure your pulse. The is crucial for the fat-burning process. You see, your body burns fat only when your heart beats at certain rate. Instead of working out for hours, you can simply look at the monitor and aim for that fat-burning zone. This will make your workout much more streamlined and efficient. It may not exactly be a shortcut, but at the end of the day, that kind of technology will help you get in shape more quickly and you will have more free time, because you won’t spend countless hours on a trainer. Perfect for the busy lives we lead.

This is just one example of a new application for technology actually being useful and helping us manage our time. There is no telling where technology will take us in the future, but it is fun keeping an eye on all of the latest developments. Smart exercise – now there is a contradiction in terms!

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