Beware of Cheap Knock-off Batteries for Your Smartphones or Laptops

December 1, 2013

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Is your smartphone or laptop running out of juice continuously? Have you taken either to the store and were advised that you need to replace the battery? You would think that this would be a pretty simple thing, right?

Wrong! I have been there – my head too took a nosedive when I heard the price to replace the battery on my new phone. Replacement batteries as you will find out – is not always economical. Well, unless you decide to take the third-party route! In essence this is more economical. However, it can also be more dangerous.

What is a third-party battery anyway?

A battery made by another group or company other than the manufacturer listed on your device. These groups or companies can come in all different shapes or sizes. They can be well known and may not always be the shady electronics corner store at the end of your street!

What’s the worst that could really happen?

How do you feel about receiving third-degree burns? And, for those that do not know – a third degree burn is pretty serious. It is a burn that extends through all layers of your skin. This is what happened to a young girl whencheap battery laptop her knock-off battery exploded in the pocket of her pants.

If that is not serious enough for you, what about burning your house down? In July 2013, a man that resides in Hong Kong asserts that due to his phone exploding, it burned not only his home but his beloved Mercedes too. Ouch!

Both have been somewhat attributed to the use of a knock-off product of some kind.

What are any other issues that you may face?

After hoping not to have a battery that explodes or burns you or your home down, you may be lucky if the battery actually works. As most counterfeit products just do not work as advertised. So you may actually end up paying more for your battery, had you not just purchased an official battery from its authorized manufacturer.

Companies like Samsung and Apple regard themselves as the true manufacturers of your device. Therefore, they will often hold their accessories, batteries etc. generally to higher standard than most.

Are there any reputable third-party companies?

Yes of course! However, even these companies can have mishaps with their devices. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports on such mishaps. This year alone, they recalled all of the batteries made by the company ATG, and sold in Best Buy stores, due to its faulty battery.

So how do you avoid any mishaps?

Just bite the bullet and buy the real deal. Don’t fret about the cost! Yeah; buying directly from the creators of your device will be more expensive. There is no ifs, buts, or maybe about it.

Rest assured that any product can have its faults, even if it’s coming from larger and more reputable firms. However, should a fault occur, you are more likely to be able to return the item if you’re dealing with a reputable company. Always – Safety First! So don’t rely 100% on any brand.

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