Hi there and thanks for visiting Laptops Plus, I’m Archie – your host!

The first aim of this website is to help you with your new laptop. If like me you have been a long time Desktop PC user, getting your first laptop can take a little adjustment. Laptops of old were pretty limited compared to PC s – not so today. Now you can enjoy more power and still have portability.

But this site has grown to be more than just another laptop resource. I love to share some of my favorite software programs – giving you detailed and useful reviews and guides. I also add some random, interesting stuff I come across – just to keep it entertaining.

I’m here to help so don’t be shy and reach out – use the social profiles below or leave a question in the comments. Oh, and then there is the Contact Me page.

I would love to hear any requests for subjects to cover – so what are you waiting for!

Archie Bruce