3 Ways to Make Your PC Run Faster

March 10, 2015

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Picture the following scenario: you shell out a considerable amount of cash for a PC that you have been eyeballing for quite some time. It’s all perfect in the beginning. It starts up lightning-fast, programs start running almost momentarily, and so on. This can go on for weeks, or even months, but it ends sooner or later, no matter how hard you try to keep it up.

You can go out and spend money, again, and upgrade which is always the best option, but it might not always be the most necessary. With a few simple tricks, you can speed up your PC and have it run smoothly, without the need to invest in expensive new hardware. Let’s see what you can do.speed up pc

Make Use of Disk Cleanup

For those of you who haven’t used this one before, we advise you to do so immediately. You will be surprised how much space this feature will be able to free up. When you install massive programs, or copy large files, stuff such as logos or temporary files will remain on your computer in most cases causing it to slow down and drag its feet.

Freeing up several gigabytes of unused temporary files might just turn your PC into the speed demon it once was.

Install and Run CCleaner

While you can gain access to your computer’s registries, it’s always best to leave that one up to specialized software, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. One of the most reliable programs for years, that is specifically used for that purpose, is CCleaner.

This one has been the darling of all major PC publications ever since it first appeared on the market, and for a good reason. Not because it’s free, although it doesn’t hurt, but because it will clean out old and corrupted registry entries left after uninstallation of software – great for extra security too!

Perform Hard Drive Defragmentation

This is also one of those things we rarely or never do. Regardless of where you store your files on your hard drive, they are usually broken up into smaller fragments, and stored on different locations, which means that the reader head of your HDD has to go back and forth to read the entire file.

Defragmentation puts all those data blocks next to each other for quicker access, which results in your PC working much faster. To access this feature, open your Start Menu, and type “defrag”, or locate Disk Defragmenter in the Control Panel.

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