April 9, 2018


10 Easy Ways You Can Expose Your Phone to Security Risks

We use our smartphones in our daily lives. We dump all our personal info into it, and use it to perform lots of task every single day. Yet despite this, many people forget to take measures to protect their security. If someone finds your phone or hacks into it, they can have all your personal info.

So here’s a list of common mistakes people make, and how to remedy them.

Keep Your Phone Unlocked

People may not put a password on their phone because entering a code every time you use it is annoying, and besides, they don’t give anyone else their phone. With that said, however, if you lose your device, anyone can look through it with the swipe of a finger. While it won’t prevent hackers, this is a basic way to prevent people from accessing your phone.

So implement a password to keep your phone locked, especially in situations where you may risk losing your phone. If it’s really annoying to do, turn it off whenever you’re at home.

Using Wi-Fi That’s Public

If you’re afraid of your security being stolen, you may want to reconsider using public Wi-Fi. Information that goes through it will be visible if a person knows how to view. People can access and steal your information if you’re not careful.

If you don’t want to eat up your mobile data and are going to be at a location with public Wi-Fi for a good while, consider connecting with a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. This will allow for a secure connection with even the most public networks.

Not Using Antivirus and Security Appscell phone security tips

People assume that an antivirus is something a computer only needs. However, they could not be more wrong. These same people are always updating their antivirus while keeping their phone out in the open. Very few smartphones have security software installed fresh out of the box, and very few people take measures to install software.

If you want a good, free app for your Android, consider Avast, AVG, or Bitdefender. If you have an Apple device, their phones are designed to be free of malware. For now, anyway.

If you install an antivirus on your phone, this will prevent you from a virus that can get to your computer whenever you connect it to USB. In addition, you can install an antitheft app that will prevent thieves from stealing your data. For instance, there’s an app called Prey that will wipe your phone if someone takes your phone.

Also, you can always track your phone down with its GPS. Find My iPhone and Where’s My Droid are features for iPhone and Android that will find your device.

Not Updating Your Phone

Those updates can be a pain, and sometimes they include changes that aren’t welcomed, such as interface makeovers. With that said, you should always update, even if you’re skeptical. Updates are there to patch problems with security and make your phone function better.

You should also update all the apps as well. Check your phone every week or so to see if there’s an update available.

Forgetting to Verify Those Apps

How do you verify an app, you may ask. Verifying means that you research the developer and the app before installing. Look at the history of the developer, their past apps, and reviews before you install. It’s easy to do, and will save you a lot of trouble. Some apps main contain malware, and while iPhone users are mostly safe from that, the more lenient rules in the Play Store can be trouble for Android users.

Clicking on Links Without Checking

Smartphone users are more likely to be phished than people on the phone. This is because they tend to be less worried about security. And after all, a fake login page is easier to detect on a phone than it is on your desktop. If the URL is shortened, it may be even more difficult. So don’t click on links that are sent via instant message or SMS. Look at them beforehand, and make sure you’re not clicking on them without knowing what you’re getting into.

Jailbreaking or Rooting Without Knowing What You’re Getting Into

Jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android means that you’re removing a lot of limits the manufacturers have imposed on your phone. This can make your device more customizable and allow you to download things you normally could not.

Of course, you’re also getting rid of security measures as well. This isn’t to discourage doing that to your device, but if you want to, do research. Figure out how you can jailbreak or root your device and still keep it safe.

Keeping Bluetooth On

People can hijack your phone using your Bluetooth connection. They can do this by being at least 30 feet away, so they can do it with ease. They can steal all your data and you wouldn’t even know it. So your best bet is to keep Bluetooth off unless you’re receiving or sending a file. Besides that, it drains battery life.

Not Logging Out

It’s always nifty to be able to go to Facebook, Amazon, and PayPal without having to log in. However, staying logged in always can increase your risk greatly. Do not allow your usernames and passwords to be saved, and always log out whenever possible.

While it’s annoying to always log in, it’s an easy step you can do to make sure that you’re safe. Do it to your browser on your computer as well. If they ask to save your username and password, do not do it. Also, you should delete your browsing history regularly.

Keeping Super Sensitive Data on Your Phone

It’s convenient to have your bank account, credit card, social security, and other sensitive numbers in your phone so you can look them up whenever you need to. However, if your phone is stolen, they can easily access those, and then they can ruin your life. So your best bet would be to store this data in your home, or find a way to encrypt it.


You shouldn’t feel bad if you do these things, as they’re all common. While your chances of being hacked are not high and you shouldn’t be paranoid about it, you should be safe. These measures can help you protect your phone in the long run, and you can one-up thieves if your phone happens to be stolen.

November 6, 2016


Putting Technology to Good Use – Appreciate the Internet

If you were to make a list containing the greatest human achievements, the internet would be right up there with the first flight in an airplane, discovery of electricity or people landing on the moon for the first time.

An exceptional company to be in, without a doubt. And as is the case with all great achievements, we have gotten used to the internet and began taking it for granted. But, we are reminded how lucky we are and how hopeless we are without it every time when our internet connection stops responding for some reason.

Because we take it for granted, we rarely make use of its full potential. Sure, we might get a brilliant idea of how we can use the internet to our benefit once in a blue moon, but that’s usually just a flash, after which we go back to chatting on Facebook, tweeting, watching cat videos on YouTube and countless other things that are nothing but a pure waste of time.

We need to remind ourselves on occasion that the internet can be used to educate us, help others and or even to make money.


Useful Information on the Web

The ideal combination would be for all three of these boxes to be checked. There are numerous examples where creative people use the World Wide Web to their benefit. Artists, especially musicians, promote their work using free services such as YouTube, Vimeo or MySpace.

Photographers put up their portfolios on Flickr. Writers use WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. Other professionals upload their resumes on LinkedIn, tweet on Twitter and much more.

Even some professions, such as nursing in this example, use the internet to spread the word and raise awareness about the problems they are facing. Nurse career websites like http://nursesalaryguide.net/ are very useful when it comes to choosing a career for yourself. They have great guides covering how to train to be a nurse – and other nurse specialties.

Not only will you get information on how to pursue it, but also the exact salary in each state for several popular nurse specialties. Medical Assistant Salary Advisor is another example in the health sector covering, as you might guess from the name, medical assistant salaries and job prospects.

On top of all that, you can see that trained nurses and other medical personnel are in demand right now, and it seems that that trend is set to continue for at least ten years. These are just a couple of examples of websites actually providing a service and useful information – plus I bet their owners are making some money in the process through advertizing.

As you can see, using the internet to find a new career or expand on the one you already have is entirely possible, and these information sites make it much easier to access the information in one place. This kind of research would have been very time consuming before the internet came along.

It is about time we stopped for a moment and remembered that the internet was designed to help spread useful information. Cat videos came later.

I guess there is no harm in using the web for entertainment purposes but I sometimes worry that our children will grow up in ignorance of just what benefits the internet has to offer.

It is good to step back once in a while and appreciate the truly amazing thing we call the world wide web!

May 26, 2016


Get Fit With Unusual Applications of Modern Technology

You would be very surprised if you were to find out all the places where computers and technology have found their application. Just start from with your cell phone. Five or six years ago cell phones were capable of sending and receiving texts, calls, maybe a picture or an email.

Now, they are like more like entertainment centers you carry around in your pocket – mini computers in fact. Music, high-definition video, apps, internet, the works. It is all right there at your fingertips. TVs have caught up a long time ago, as well.

But, that was sort of expected. What was less expected is that our washing machines, fridges, dryers, and just about any household appliance would become crammed with technology and connected to the internet. Once we get over the whole overkill effect, some applications make a lot of sense, and make our elliptical machine dashboardlives a whole lot easier.

However, some applications of modern technology still require you to do most of the work yourself. Then you might ask: What’s the point?

Well, the point is that it makes the entire work process much more efficient and in most cases, even cuts it down significantly. For instance those among you who are looking to lose weight, get in shape, or simply those who are workout enthusiasts, know there are no shortcuts when it comes to putting in hard work and many hours in the gym. But, is that completely true?

Technology and Home Exercise

Technology is having a huge impact in the home exercise market. Lots of our favorite exercise machines have been embracing new technology and are now more advanced than ever. From exercise bikes and treadmills to rowing machines and the latest big thing – elliptical machines.  Perhaps you are not familiar with elliptical trainers, in which case, you should check out this website – it will show you some of the best ellipticals on the market and it has a few videos to show you what these machines can do.

Now, they are not some kind of magical, hi-tech devices that will turn you into the incredible Hulk just by clicking a few buttons. But, what these elliptical trainers do have is a central console unit, a computerized hub. The unit records and gathers all of the workout data and displays it for you on an LCD panel. Parameters such as duration of the workout, number of steps/repetitions, calories burned, and distance traveled.

They also have heart rate monitors integrated into the handlebars of the machine, which measure your pulse. The is crucial for the fat-burning process. You see, your body burns fat only when your heart beats at certain rate. Instead of working out for hours, you can simply look at the monitor and aim for that fat-burning zone. This will make your workout much more streamlined and efficient. It may not exactly be a shortcut, but at the end of the day, that kind of technology will help you get in shape more quickly and you will have more free time, because you won’t spend countless hours on a trainer. Perfect for the busy lives we lead.

This is just one example of a new application for technology actually being useful and helping us manage our time. There is no telling where technology will take us in the future, but it is fun keeping an eye on all of the latest developments. Smart exercise – now there is a contradiction in terms!

March 10, 2015


3 Ways to Make Your PC Run Faster

Picture the following scenario: you shell out a considerable amount of cash for a PC that you have been eyeballing for quite some time. It’s all perfect in the beginning. It starts up lightning-fast, programs start running almost momentarily, and so on. This can go on for weeks, or even months, but it ends sooner or later, no matter how hard you try to keep it up.

You can go out and spend money, again, and upgrade which is always the best option, but it might not always be the most necessary. With a few simple tricks, you can speed up your PC and have it run smoothly, without the need to invest in expensive new hardware. Let’s see what you can do.speed up pc

Make Use of Disk Cleanup

For those of you who haven’t used this one before, we advise you to do so immediately. You will be surprised how much space this feature will be able to free up. When you install massive programs, or copy large files, stuff such as logos or temporary files will remain on your computer in most cases causing it to slow down and drag its feet.

Freeing up several gigabytes of unused temporary files might just turn your PC into the speed demon it once was.

Install and Run CCleaner

While you can gain access to your computer’s registries, it’s always best to leave that one up to specialized software, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. One of the most reliable programs for years, that is specifically used for that purpose, is CCleaner.

This one has been the darling of all major PC publications ever since it first appeared on the market, and for a good reason. Not because it’s free, although it doesn’t hurt, but because it will clean out old and corrupted registry entries left after uninstallation of software – great for extra security too!

Perform Hard Drive Defragmentation

This is also one of those things we rarely or never do. Regardless of where you store your files on your hard drive, they are usually broken up into smaller fragments, and stored on different locations, which means that the reader head of your HDD has to go back and forth to read the entire file.

Defragmentation puts all those data blocks next to each other for quicker access, which results in your PC working much faster. To access this feature, open your Start Menu, and type “defrag”, or locate Disk Defragmenter in the Control Panel.

If these tips have helped please leave a comment.

May 19, 2014


How Employers Can Curb Digital Distractions

Smartphones are an effective tool. They can streamline work, personal lives, and relationships. However, when work needs to be done, a smartphone can also be a distraction. Some companies offer cell phones to their employees to help them keep their work lives organized, but boundaries need to be set. Employers have a hard time creating that boundary. What is acceptable? What is expected? And then there are more subtle ways to curb an employee’s excessive or inappropriate use of their company smartphones.

Why are smartphones such a distraction?

New technology always takes time to integrate itself into society and culture. It’s a time for excess and adjustment. When companies offer phones to their employees, it’s to boost productivity, not hinder it. Ideally, employees use their work phone for work only, even after business hours. However, distractions come with the territory. Unnecessary apps such as games can company cell phonesbe a huge problem. It’s easy for employees to lose concentration on work when they are interested in beating their high score. Another danger to productivity: the Internet. There is just too much information to lure users in and keep them there for hours. These are things for companies to consider before offering phones to their employees.

What can be done about it?

One thing is certain; employers can control what’s going on in the workplace far more easily than what is done in the home. So the first step is to implement strict cell phones rules at the office. Employers can consult their human resources department to get tips on how to enforce it company-wide and create a culture of expectations. These types of guidelines can be difficult to enforce as some employees hide what they’re doing.

Monitoring Software Programs

Fortunately, there is software available to curb these distractions. They are similar to what parents use to monitor their children’s phones – you can read about spy software here. Employers are able to track websites visited, calls, text messages, and apps downloaded. This software can even block inappropriate websites from being visited. Here is a list of popular smartphone monitoring software:

  • PhoneSheriff
  • mSpy
  • Mobile Spy
  • MobiStealth
  • StealthGenie

This software is fairly impressive and most of the brands come with great customer support. For larger companies, these software brands can be contacted in order to get a more tailored customer service experience. They are often willing to work closely with IT departments to install the programs, implement updates, and offer ongoing customer support.

Monitoring should be the last line of defense against lack of productivity or inappropriate behavior. It’s important to set fast and hard rules against smartphone overuse. Once a culture of responsibility is created around proper use of company smartphones, there will only be isolated issues. Then, employers can target problems on a case by case basis instead of spending time on mass surveillance.

February 4, 2014


Using Word and Excel to Organize Your Life

Everyone is looking for ways to make life easier. “Life hacking” is a new term techies use to refer to things one can do to make life’s more mundane tasks more efficient and even enjoyable.

Microsoft Office products aren’t just for writing term papers or inputting data for work. There are practical, household applications for these programs that could improve your life. From meal planning to budgeting, you will have your house in order in no time.

Meal Planning

A way to save money on a daily basis is to do weekly or monthly meal planning. Cooking at home can save youms word tips hundreds a year and help you maintain dietary restrictions. You can use Word to brainstorm meals, and then use Excel to organize your ideas. You can insert links to recipe website, list ingredients, add dates for when you want to cook, and a budget you’d like to maintain. Then, take the list with you to the grocery store, and use it to shop. Excel allows you to be as detailed as you want to be, hide cells, and calculate calories or money.

Creating a Monthly Budget

Track your spending with Excel. Create monthly spreadsheets with your bills, food budget, and other expenses. It allows you to set goals for yourself and see where you may be losing money. Excel’s tools allow you to set calculations. All you need to do is insert your expenses, and the program does the math for you.

ms excel tipsType Up Your Daily Tasks

Use Word as your digital note pad. Keep it minimized all day so you can write notes, make lists, and organize your day without wasting paper. If you are working in front of your computer, it’s convenient. You can even save daily tasks for your files.

Keep Track of Gifts

This may seem unnecessary, but if you have family, friends, or charities you give gifts to, it can be helpful. You can look at last year’s list to see what your nephew likes or track charitable gifts for tax purposes. It’s not only useful for gifts you give but gifts you receive. You can use Excel to write down the gift, the occasion, who sent the gift, and the gift-givers address so that you can send a thank-you card. Making a spreadsheet for gifts is extremely helpful for big events like weddings and baby showers when there are many gifts to track.

The possibilities and uses for Microsoft Word and Excel are endless. These are just a few ways you can use these programs for daily organization.

February 4, 2014


Top Sites for Tech Gossip

Staying up to speed on all things technology is difficult. Daily changes, innovations, and studies make it the most dynamic field of study. Some websites exist just to spread tech news and gossip, but sifting through legitimate sites for something that suits your curiosity can take time. Here we break-down some popular tech sites.


Wired is a great place to find tech articles that concern your particular interests. They divide their articles by different subheadings such as “gear,” “design,” “security,” and “business.” They all have to do with how technology pertains to these areas. Some of it is more news-driven while other articles feature interesting factoids national news may not cover.


ArsTechnica is less mainstream than Wired. This website covers diverse topics on the fringe culture of the tech world. From gaming to hacktivism, it has a bit of something for everyone. The blog-style layout is perfect for daily browsing. Bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed for updates. If discussing technology is of more interest to you, ArsTechnica has many forums on different tech topics.


CNET is the place for new tech gadgets and gear. Reviews and previews for the latest cell phones, PCs, software, and games are all available for reading. There are also how-to guides for everything from home appliances to iPods. If you are looking to shop for any tech devices, CNET has a deals and coupon guides for current sales.

BBC Tech Blog

The BBC may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about technology, but their tech blog does update daily with international news. It’s less review-centric and focuses on news and breakthroughs. BBC is great for people who want to keep up with trends and news but are not focused on anything too specific.


TechCrunch has an interesting format that incorporates more visual media. Videos dominate this website through their TCTV. Their videos offer reviews, insights, and interviews to viewers looking for new technology. Some of their “channels” are focused on areas of the world such as Europe and Asia, taking this blog to a global level whereas similar sites focus on technology in the United States.

Whatever your tech information needs, these sites have it. Each offers something a little different in terms of format and topics. Pros and novices alike have a lot to gain from technology blogs, and in an ever-changing industry like technology, there is daily news to read.

October 11, 2013


Will a Laptop be Powerful Enough for Business Use?

There was a time when laptops were considered unsuitable for business use. Most business related work was done on either mainframes or Desktop PCs. This was the era of low powered laptops with various problems like low RAM, fast heating, low resolution monitors, difficult to upgrade etc.

On the other hand, desktops were faster with high RAM, cooling facility and easy upgrades. They could be upgraded according to your wishes and whenever the specs were not acceptable, they could be updated to run even faster applications.

This was difficult to do on laptops which were not business laptopseasily disassembled to be fitted with newer parts. There was a lot against buying a laptop for running your business.

But as times have progressed, laptops have become beasts on their own right. They are now lighter, much faster and extremely versatile. Today, laptops are as fast as desktops and there is little to distinguish between them.

Most software and applications easily run on both the platforms. But laptops also provide the obvious added benefit of portability that desktops can’t provide.

Business users love to have access to their work all the time. Often, this is absolutely crucial for their business as not having crucial documents can affect their productivity. Laptops now provide the luxury of having a business environment of a desktop as well as the flexibility of a laptop.

One of the biggest advantages that desktops had in previous generations was price. Desktops were much cheaper than laptops, and this was especially true for high-powered laptops that were suitable for business purposes.

But with newer laptops, price has ceased to be a factor as laptops are not only high-powered but also competitive in terms of cost. These business laptops are as suitable for business work as desktops and can perform equally well. You can now carry your work everywhere withoutlaptop_powerful adhering to any particular workplace.

Laptops have also become very durable in the past few years. They last longer with great efficiency and hence are perfectly suitable for high performance business work.

Presentations are an important part of business life and laptops are best suited for it as you can make presentations on the fly, plus your laptop to a projector and give the presentation.

With desktops, you have to take the added trouble of transferring your files. Laptops usually ship with built in Wi-Fi which helps you to connect with the wireless network and work from anywhere. Moreover, they also weigh less and less everyday which increases their portability and your comfort level.

If you think a laptop may not be suitable for all of your business needs, you really need to check out some of the modern models available right now. You can have power and versatility to match most desktop configurations – along with all of the obvious advantages of the laptop. Something to think about.

September 16, 2013


How to Increase the Life of your Laptop Battery

Everyone uses laptops these days. We use them every day for work, pleasure, to make money or to even spend money. People refer to their laptops as their whole lives, because all our memories, documents and media are stored on your portable computers.

What happens when your laptop gets broken? It feels like a part of your live is gone too, doesn’t it? The whole idea of a laptop is that it can be carried around without any electricity for a while. What’s the point if your laptop’s battery keeps draining?

There’s no goal for the laptop then, is there? Then it’s not called a laptop anymore, is it? To save you some extra money, just follow these simple steps!

  • Firstly, close all your background tasks, as they all work at the same time and that will drastically decrease your battery life. Only use the most important tasks at a time.
  • If your laptop has a wireless card, you will need to switch it of if youincrease battery lifespan are not using it.
  • If you do not plan to use your volume on your laptop, you can mute it and switch it back on whenever you need it.
  • Another great way to save your laptop’s battery life, you can adjust the brightness of your screen.
  • Please make sure that your laptop is always the right temperature and cooled off whenever it gets hot. Extreme temperatures on your laptop will decrease your laptop’s battery life.
  • Always try to enable your computer’s power saving mode, both Windows and Mac have those options. When you are not using your laptop, rather switch it off or put it on hibernate, rather than switching it over to stand by.
  • Make sure you don’t charge your laptop too much or too less. Keep track of your laptop’s charging period, as you need to make sure your laptop charges the right amount that it should.
  • Make sure your laptop is always on the right surface. Places like pillows, blankets, couches will be the cause of the laptop heating up. Make sure your surroundings are open and clean around your laptop. Dust is dangerous to any computer. You can always decrease laptop batteriesthe time before your screen dims out.

There you have it! Use these simple steps to save your laptop’s battery life. It is not hard to follow, you just need to be aware of your computer’s battery and then you are good to go and enjoy your fun and long-lasting battery life!

Besides your photos and work that are stored on your laptop, the battery is the most important element in your computer.

This article is to help you to increase your laptop’s battery life, so that your laptop doesn’t need to be charged the whole time.

By doing only a few simple steps that is as easy as pie, you can get the longest possible battery life on your laptop. We don’t want you to waste your money in replacing the battery of your laptop now, do we?